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We, Boz Industry Co.,Ltd, thank all of customers for their long-term supports! We submit the samples free of charge for our overseas customers.

Requirements for Free samples
1.Must be company qualified(not individual)
2.Provide us your effective account of DHL, FedEx , UPS, etc.,
3.Must be overseas company(currently no such service for domestic company)
4.Must be buyer in headset industry
5.Samples offered not more than 2 pcs for each article

If above requirements are satisfied, we will offer the samples of not more than USD30

How to Order Samples
1.Enquiry the sample price that you are interested in
2.Confirmed the samples you need and inform us
3.If you have special requirements to our product, you can tell us and we will prepare the samples according to your request.
4.Provide your company's detail information to us(company name, office telephone, address and others)
5.Provide us your effective account of DHL, FedEx , UPS, etc.,
6.We will inform you when we send the sample and the details of samples
7.Please check the sample status according to tracking NO.
8.Send email to us to confirmed you have received the samples.

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